What does "hand dyed" actually mean?
Hand dyed means exactly that, dyed by hand in lieu of a machine. All of the yarn we dye is made in small, 4 skein batches. As a result, there will always be slight (and sometimes more substantial) variations in the skeins between dye lots. We love this aspect of hand dyed yarn and think it lends to the beauty of crafting with yarn that has been cared for and prepared for you by human hands and lots of TLC.

What does your dyeing process entail?
We use professional grade acid dye powders and household vinegar, paired with heat to set our dyes. We allow our yarn to soak for a nice long period of time in a small amount of gentle soap wash, as we find this adds to the softness and ensures the dyes have fully exhausted and colour is set. The yarn is then  rinsed again and hung to dry. 

Why doesn't my yarn look exactly like the listing photo?
All of our product photos are stock images, and the yarn you purchase may be from a different dye lot. While we strive very hard to maintain as much consistency in our colourways, there is always going to be some variation. For this reason, we suggest you purchase all of the yarn you'll need for a project at the same time, and if possible on larger garments, alternate skeins. Helical knitting is great for this!

What about pooling or flashing?
We work very hard to create colourways that have minimal pooling, flashing, or zig-zagging. In order to further eliminate the possibility of these things happening (unless you want them to - sometimes they can be a very neat design element!), we recommend switching skeins when working on a project that requires multiple skeins.

Your label says to handwash, but this is Superwash yarn?

To ensure the longest life for your yarn, we recommend washing all items in cool water, using a wool wash or some similar gentle soap. 

What are your shipping time lines?
Orders ship twice weekly on Wednesday and Fridays, via Canada Post and using the shipping method of your choosing at checkout. We have more information available in the Shipping section of our website. If you require an order to ship sooner, please contact us and we will see what we can do! 

Any special orders such as advent calendars and monthly yarn clubs will have specific shipping information on their listing pages.

How is my order shipped?
All orders are shipped via Canada Post using the shipping method you choose during check out. For orders of 1 - 2 skeins, we are able to offer untracked lettermail shipping within Canada by vacuum sealing the yarn. Larger items ship via parcel and are packaged with a sheet of tissue paper, in a plastic shipping mailer to protect the yarn. More information on shipping can be  found on our shipping page, at the bottom of our website. 

Isn't vacuum sealing just for food?
Not at all! Many yarn dyers offer vacuum sealing within Canada as it is a much more affordable manner in which to ship small quantities of yarn. We place the yarn in a hank format into a vacuum pouch and seal, while removing all the air. We then package it in an oversize lettermail envelope and send it on its way to you! Please note that tracking is not available for this method.

Shipping yarn in this manner does not damage or distort the yarn. Once you've received your order and opened the package, the yarn will return to its initial size within a few hours. Once you've worked with and blocked your project - voila! The yarn has been restored to its original state. 

Where can we pick up locally?
We currently reside about an hour south of Winnipeg but occasional pick ups in the city can be arranged. Your best bet is to send us an email and we will try to work something out!

Are you available for collaborations?
We have a limited number of yearly collaborations that we can fulfill each year. If you're a designer and would like to work together, or have a vision that includes using some of our products, please contact us at smashknits@gmail.com

Is your yarn available for wholesale?
It sure is! Please send us an email enquiry and we will get in touch with wholesale information + colourway charts, as well as our current lead and turnaround times.