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Soak Wash Modern Laundry

Soak Wash Modern Laundry

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- Modern laundry care for the whole family. Soak Wash is an eco-friendly formulation, that is a no-rinse formula.

- Soak works great for lingerie, handknits, swimwear, baby clothes, quilts, workout apparel, and more.

- Soak is made with plant derived and renewable ingredients. It is phosphate, dye and sulphate free, and is biodegrable. It is environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and the bottles are recyclable and printed with water-based inks.

- Works for both hand washing, and machines (including HE).

Scent descriptions:

     Pineapple Grove: Be a pineapple. Stand Tall, wearing a lily filled crown, and always be sweet on the inside.

     Lacey: Lacey combines spring blossoms with sweet bergamot creating a light yet alluring fragrance.

     Scentless: For your sensitive side. Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) clean and fragrance-free.

     Yuzu: Clean with a peel. Pucker up and give your laundry some love with a kiss of tart citrus + crushed eucalyptus.

     Fig: Fresh-picked clean. Fig is ripened with sweet fig and lychee and crowned by dandelions.

     Celebration: Inspired by the essence of Red Tea. Sweet, delicate and absolutely delicious, this perennial favourite smells like good, clean fun.

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